Where are Kore News and Kore RPG?

Both, not amazingly, are Ben’s fault!

Kore News: Ben wanted to take over show notes and production, but let two episodes slip by, so Walt has taken everything over again. Expect an episode out Thursday!

Kore RPG: Walt and Ben are the only hosts that live a reasonable drive from each other (20 mins), every other host lives in a different state or country from each other, so Walt drives to Ben’s and we record there for many of our shows and pipe Skype in and talk with the other guys… Ben’s Mac’s soundcard offers better recording quality than any of Walt’s laptops (yeah, he admits it!) so all the recordings are on Ben’s machine… since we weren’t sure what episode number we were recording, Ben named the episode KoreRPG2?.wav. When we searched for “25″, obviously nothing came up, so we assumed either Walt had it on his machine for some reason or it was lost. Fortunately it was found and is in production right now!

By the way: Don’t forget Kore News 100 will be in video and you will NOT want to miss it! Expect it early July!

We’ve been getting a lot of news story submissions from you guys and we really appareciate it! We’re putting the finishing touches on a user-generated show and it should be out this month! Thanks, WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

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