J.C. Hutchins Says Kore New Media is “…made of AWESOME.”

In an email from J.C. Hutchins to Walt Snider on July 4, 2008:

I laughed long and loud as I listened to your MP3. Heee! You and the Kore News team are made of AWESOME. Thanks so much for sharing this with me — and more important, thanks for endorsing the bona-fide on your show! Please extend my fanboyish gratitude to the rest of the group as well.

His words were referencing episode 30 of Kore News where we were promoting John Alpha for President.

We’re very excited to have such a podcasting powerhouse say such nice things about us. Thanks, Hutch!

Check out Kore News at www.KoreNews.com and see www.KoreNewMedia.com for tons of other great podcasts created by The Largest Independent Podcast Group in the World!

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