All Kore New Media Assets Consolidated

In order to keep costs at a minimum and make things easier on the Kore New Media producation staff, we’re making the following changes to all Kore New Media online assets:

All of the show domains (Kore News is a show, is the domain) will now feature a link to the show notes website with that particular show’s show notes and archive of shows. They’ll also feature links for forums, show feeds, a 20-minute sample of that particular show and a description of the particular show. There will also be a tutorial linked from the site on what a podcast is and how to subscribe to it. Previously, there was an assumption that anyone going to that domain would know what a podcast is and how to use show notes. Kore New Media is working on a friendlier way to introduce those not familiar with podcasting to the new medium.

The Blog is getting its own domain. Kore New Media blog posts were either in a subdomain (eg. but in keeping with our new branding campaign, we’re making it easier to remember.

Forums were previously at Podcast Society ( and was intended as free forums for other podcasters, but after only a couple other podcasters joined up, we’re changing the name to Kore Forums.

Show Notes were previously located at Kore Central as we had the domain and nothing to do with it, but it makes more sense to have show notes at Kore Notes. Listeners can come to the site and click the name of the show they want notes for and see not only the show notes, but complete archive of shows.

RSS and iTunes Feeds are being migrated to Kore Feeds. At one point in early 2009, they were hosted at, but it was determined that sending listeners away from a Kore-specific domain was diluting the Kore New Media brand, so this was corrected.

Timeline for the above changes are as follows:

  • Kore Blog is up and running, in fact you’re there right now.
  • Kore Forums is up and running. Technically speaking, it’s just redirecting to Podcast Society’s Artwork will change to suit the new graphical branding across all Kore New Media domains.
  • Kore Notes is expected up by the end of May. We’ve got more than 200 shows to transfer and update links, so it’ll take some time.
  • Kore Feeds will be up by the end of May, following Kore Notes.

Please voice your comments/concerns below in the comments or in the forums at

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